Mandragora (English)

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Mandragora (English)


Post by Тињак » 25 May 2016, 09:48

Mandragora are a space rock/world dance-music band from Brighton, England, whose formative output can be described as psychedelic rock with ethnic sounds and tribal rhythms. Formed in 1983, the band have released 5 albums of their own, and a collaborative album with Phil Thornton. They built up a loyal following on the free festival circuit of the 1980s and 1990s, and were signed to Delerium Records. In recent years Mandragora have evolved into a world music/electronic dance act featuring singers and musicians from all corners of the globe.
Mandragora began life as a Hawkwind influenced psychedelic rock band formed by Simon Williams in 1983. They played gigs and festivals around the UK including the Stonehenge Free Festival of 1984. Their first album was a self-financed cassette only release called Something Missing. In 1983 Simon Williams saw a performance by innovative New Age synthesizer pioneer, Phil Thornton at a festival in Sussex and after the show the two met. So in 1988 when Mandragora had were asked to open for Hawkwind on their UK tour, Phil Thornton was invited to play synths with the band. With improvisation a key component of Mandragora's live concerts, Phil, with his Moog synthesizer and samplers, gave them a much more sophisticated sound.
The release of the band's most recent album, Pollen, in 1998 saw them shift into a more dance orientated direction, encompassing elements of dub, psy-trance and Celtic music. They drew on both traditional world musical styles and the mechanisms of the psychedelic dance scene. Also on this album were notable guest appearances from Howard Marks and Arthur Brown. After the release of Pollen the band took a hiatus. Multi-instrumentalists Simon Williams and Phil Thornton went on to form Earthdance a group of musicians, film makers and producers specialising in world/dance and chillout music.
Spoiler: show
Simon Williams - guitar, synths, vocals
Phil Thornton - keyboards, samples, e-bow, guitar
Dalinda - vocals
Simon Cowburn - percussion
Al Jenkins - bass
Steve Elliott - bass
Angus Ross - keyboards, vocals
Andy Stokes - drums, percussion
David C. Hëwitt - keyboards
Niall Hone - bass, feedback, samples
Pete Newman - drums, percussion
Mick Reed - drums
Geoff Holroyde - drums, percussion
Nikelby Hunt - drums
Nick Colegrave - synthesizer
Tim Burton - Vocals and synth
Guy Pearson - Drums
Stuart Ranger - Bass
Steve Cassidy - Drums
Spoiler: show
1988 Over the Moon - LP/CD (Babbleon Records) (CD re-released on Delerium Records has 3 extra tracks)
1991 Head First - LP/CD (Resonance Records) (CD re-released on Delerium Records has 3 extra tracks)
1993 Earthdance - LP/CD (Mystic Stones)
1994 Temple Ball - LP/CD (Mystic Stones)
1998 Pollen - CD (Delerium Records)
Mandragora x Groovaholik - Carousel
Mandragora - I Don't have a Job

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