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Konkurs za admina / Competition for admins

Forum rules

1. Nick:
2. Godište:
3. Odakle ste:
4. Amx iskustvo (koliko dugo koristite amx, serveri na kojima ste bili admini):
5. Potrebno je imati minimum 1000 lvl na serveru? ( OVO JE OBAVEZNO )
6. Da li mozete boostovati server 1x mesecno ? ( OVO JE OBAVEZNO )
7. Kontakt skype,facebook:

Fill out this form

1. Nick:
2. Age:
3. Where are you from:
4. Amx experience (how long you use amx, the servers on which you were admins):
5. You need to have at least 1000 lvl on server? ( VERY IMPORTANT )
6. Can you boost server once a month? ( VERY IMPORTANT )
7. Contact skype, facebook:
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